FAMILY CHAPLAINS,  in fellowship with Nursing Home Ministries, Inc., is a faith-based “spiritual caregiving ministry” to older adults and their families in the communities of the greater Sacramento, California region.


Act as God’s promise keepers to older adults that we all may finish life well.


Family Chaplains serves by assisting the local church in pastoral care (Spiritual Caregiving) for those older adults and their families not being fully served by a local church’s current ministries.

Family Chaplains is committed to diligently seeking out those older adult members of the body of Christ (along with their families) who have been:

  • dislocated from their local church due to age, health, or economic issues;
  • disaffected from their local church due to cultural, theological, or other reasons;
  • detached from intimacy with God due to hardships of life;

With the single purpose: to assist each individual toward a new or renewed personal faith and effective ministry in the body of Christ.

Today Family Chaplains provides spiritual caregiving to older adults and their families by:

  • Visiting them regularly in their homes or care facilities;
  • Listening to them;
  • Praying with them and for them;
  • Teaching them God’s love through music and His word;
  • Showing them God’s love through our lives;
  • Helping them to finish life well in service to others;
  • Serving them as they transition into God’s presence.

As we go, we share the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ with everyone along the way.