[Note: This is an earlier post I had up before the site was hacked and trashed.  From January 2016]

A song is playing through my mind as I write.  It’s my “earworm” for the day:  a catchy piece of music that plays over and over in the mind throughout the day.

Before I tell you the name of the song – first, let me give an apology to those who might be expecting some great classic hymn of the faith.  I absolutely LOVE hymns – a lot!  But no, this song is likely not one you have heard in church.

It is, nonetheless, a song filled with great theological wisdom; and that from none other than the 1970’s band, Fleetwood Mac!

   Don’t stop thinkin’ about tomorrow!

   Don’t stop, it’ll soon be here.

   It’ll be, better than before,

   Yesterday’s gone… yesterday’s gone!


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